*ingredients :

Bologna - any kind will do. Some people prefer thicker steaks

Bolognese and more are good with pre-filled bologna.

Bread- Fried bologna sandwiches are traditionally made with white bread, but any bread is fine.

Cheese Slices

May / mustard


an onion

Fried Bolognese

Spray a skillet or heat a small amount of oil over a medium to high heat. While the pan is heating, prepare the bologna. If you bought bolognese from a deli, you don't need to remove the red tip, but if you use Bar S or Oscar Meyer, you will need to remove and discard the red tip. Spread mayonnaise or mustard (or the sauce of your choice) across the buns, and chop up any vegetables you might want to add. Bologna cooks very quickly, so it is best to prepare it before putting it in the pan.

Once the red tip is removed, toss the bologna into the skillet. It sizzles like any other sausage. You will soon notice that the center is starting to appear. Once you notice the bubble cut two slits in the middle in an "X" shape. This will prevent the meat from curling while frying. (Some people like to cut bolognese before the pan. Some even cut slits along the outside edge.)

Enjoy !