Vegetable dish

So simple...but so good! It's a beautiful season, which I never get tired of.. During my last trip to the greengrocer, I found a whole bunch of lovely vegetables: purple artichokes, asparagus, peas, beans, baby zucchini, new ground apples, radishes.  I won't list you all, my basket was overflowing. I had so much fun in the kitchen, while nibbling on raw beans with a morsel of salt.

*Ingredients for two

°6 medium white asparagus
°4 small purple artichokes
°1 leek
°1 sweet new potato
°2 handfuls of peas (small bowl when peeled)
°2 small new onions (stems and onions)
°salted butter
°olive oil
°salt flower
°soy sauce
°Freshly ground pepper

*Preparation :

The idea is to prep each vegetable more or less in advance and assemble them at the last minute, hot or tepid, depending on your taste. So you can cook in two stages or do everything at once.
Asparagus and potatoes:
Cut off the tough feet and peel the white asparagus. We cut them in half at an angle and cook for 15 minutes in boiling, salted water. It should be soft, not mushy. Put it under cold water and set it aside.
You can cook peeled and halved potatoes at the same time as the asparagus.

Enjoy !