This is going to happen if you spray your bed with alcohol

Alcohol as a disinfectant: yes, but with certain conditions!
Since we have been sent many questions about 70% isopropyl alcohol, I have decided to talk to you more about these questions.

Alcohol as a disinfectant: yes, but with certain conditions!
In the column for household cleaners and disinfectants, I gave you 70% alcohol (rubbing alcohol) as a strong disinfectant. In fact, alcohol is a very good disinfectant and inactivates many viruses that some disinfectants cannot inactivate. This is the same ingredient found in Lysol TM Disinfectant Spray and Clorox TM Disinfectant Spray without fragrances and is much less expensive.

However, we shouldn't consider 70% alcohol to be a panacea or miracle solution that will solve all of our cleansing problems. I remind you that alcohol is combustible, so beware of fire hazards and keep it closed. For those who want to fumigate everything with alcohol, I tell you: "Stop!. The surface must be clean or pre-cleaned before using alcohol. Spray or dampen (no spray) with alcohol and simply let it dry.

Sprinkle alcohol on toys every day: No!
why ?
Alcohol should not replace a good cleaning of toys.(There are no quick fixes to spare you from your cleaning and sanitizing routine!).
The amount alcohol that will evaporaate to all toys in your daycare is going to be massive, & I don't need alcoholic air in your daycare.

Here are the surfaces that are perfectly suitable for the use of alcohol:
Changing table or other hard surfaces
diaper bin
All knobs and knobs
Toilet seat and booster seat
Large toy (such as  stove) are pre.cleaned

+To avoid:
On toys that are worn in the mouth
on fabrics
On electronic devices or toys with batteries
On surfaces that do not need disinfection!
Remember, not all surfaces need to be disinfected!
Clean everywhere, and only disinfect in certain places. This should be your motto!
Good cleansing!
When I find the miracle solution to cleansing, you will be the first to know!