Say goodbye to fruit flies and midges forever - the paper napkin trick changes everything

Method 1: Wine cork in fruit basket
One reader gave me this tip: Simply drop a cork from a wine bottle immediately into the fruit basket. That's what I did failed to paintings for me. A day later, there had been as many fruit flies in and across the basket as before. So we flow on!
The result: Not in any respect powerful in my kitchen.

Method 2: Vinegar & plastic wrap
So I examined any other technique. This time it's miles a be counted of pouring a touch apple cider vinegar right into a bowl (this has a unique fruity heady fragrance that draws flies, however aside from that it could additionally be wine vinegar), then upload a drop of dish cleaning soap.  

Then cowl the bowl with a touch plastic wrap and make small holes withinside the wrapping with the enamel of a fork. Then it's miles left at the table.

I've had extra fulfillment with this technique: after a day, some flies have drowned to the bottom. But it is now no longer an fantastic fulfillment either. I get the influence that flies are capable of get out! Maybe subsequent time I need to strive making holes with a wood stick for the skewers?

The result: higher however now no longer high-quality either.
This is the technique I've used for years. Trap them with out drowning them, for the ones who've a touchy soul and need to launch them afterwards. Here's the way to do it. You want a obvious field first: It may be plastic, however I locate the glass packing containers you purchase salsa sauce or different condiments in are perfect for this use.   All 12 months round, I wash and keep them for fruit fly season. And given that it is collected, I do not thoughts throwing it away afterwards. Then you want a bit of a ripe banana, a sheet of parchment, and sticky paper.