The vast majority of steaks and seasonings on the market contain a significant amount of salt. Many people are addicted to salt and put it on the already salty french fries at the big fast food chains. But for grilled meat, salt should be avoided because it removes it from the water and causes the piece of meat to harden.

Next, you need to plan the amount of each component. Let's skip the measurements and use proportions that will make it easy to produce any amount of your mix.

°4 servings of black and/or pink pepper seeds
°3 servings of dried onion flakes
°2 servings of dried garlic
°2 servings of dill seeds
°2 servings of coriander seeds
°of hot pepper or ground pepper
°of rosemary
°of mustard seeds
°of cumin seeds
°1 serving of parsley flakes
°One serving of thyme
°1 serving of basil
°1 part of marjoram
°One serving of thyme
°1 part of paprika
You can change the proportions to your liking, remove or add components. If you like curry, add a little more, but pay attention to the amount of heat in the mixture.

Enjoy !