Red velvet cheesecake🔥🔥

Red velvet, which can be translated into French as 'rouge velours', is a cake that comes from the United States & comes in several form: a layer cake (a cake with several layer separat by cream) or cupcake.     This white sponge cake with melting cream is a deep red color. It will delight your guests' eyes and taste buds for the holidays and why not on Halloween!

*ingredients :

°300 grams of sugar, 
°300 grams of flour, 
°35 cl of oil, 
°25 cl of milk (if you do not have milk, 
add 1 tablespoon (tablespoons) of vinegar to 25 cl of milk and leave for 10 minutes).     
°1 tsp vanilla 3 cl red-food coloring
°2 eggs, 
°1 tablespoon (tbsp) cocoa, 
°1 teaspoon (teaspoon) of salt, 
°1 teaspoon (teaspoons) of baking soda, 
°1 teaspoon (teaspoon) of vinegar
to top
°225g Philadelphia cheese 115g unsalted butter
°450 grams icing sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla

* Preparation :

1. Prepare two circular molds lined with baking paper, lightly buttered and sprinkled with flour.
2- Preheat-oven-165 degrees C .
3- Mix the flour, cocoa powder and salt together.
4- Mix the yoghurt with the vanilla and red food coloring.
5. In a mixer, beat the sugar, oil, eggs one by one and half the flour, add the red milk and the other half of the flour.
6- In a separate bowl, quickly mix the vinegar and baking soda and add it to the dough at the last minute.
7- Finally, divide the dough between the two molds and put it in the oven.
8. After half an hour, put a toothpick in the cake, it should come out with the crumbs.
9. Let it cool for 5 minutes and then remove it from the mould.
First place:
1. In a food processor, beat the butter and add the vanilla and cream cheese.
2- When it becomes very smooth, add the powdered sugar until the mixture is light and white.
3. Cover the first cake with a third of the top layer, put the other cake on top and cover the entire cake with the rest of the top layer.
4- Leave it in the fridge for a few hours.

Enjoy !