Chocolate Leaf Cake

*Ingredients :

°2 bed. flour
°2 bed. sugar
°1/4 tsp. salt
°4 tbsp. (heap) cocoa powder
°2 sticks of butter
°1 ea. boiling water
°1/2 tsp. Buttermilk
°2 whole beaten eggs
°1 C. baking soda
°1 C. vanilla
°1/2 tsp. finely chopped pecans
°1 3/4 sticks of butter
°4 tbsp. (heap) cocoa powder
°6 tbsp. milk
°1 C. vanilla extract
°1 lb (minus 1/2 cup) powdered sugar
* Directions:

Note: I am using an 18 x 13 sheet cake pan. In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar and salt. In a saucepan, melt butter. Add cocoa. Mix. Add boiling water, let the mixture boil for 30 seconds, then turn off the heat. Pour over flour mixture and stir lightly to cool.
In a measuring cup, pour the buttermilk and add the beaten eggs, baking soda and vanilla. Stir the buttermilk mixture into the butter/chocolate mixture. Pour into a cake pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
While the cake is baking, prepare the frosting. Finely chop the pecans. Melt butter in a pan. Add the cocoa, stir to combine, then turn off the heat. Add milk, vanilla and powdered sugar. Mix. Add the pecans, mix and pour over the hot cake.
Cut into squares, eat, and completely forget about the fact that you just made the best chocolate cake..

Enjoy !