Keep your house smell fresher longer with few DIY Febreze ! Saving this...

Tips and tricks for a better life above 30 degrees

Summer is definitely here this year, and with it a heat wave that is sometimes hard to bear. When the heat wave is raging, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun, moisturize regularly and cool off as much as possible. But it is sometimes difficult to maintain a bearable temperature in your home. Here are our tips and advice on not letting the heat settle in your home!
Keep your home smelling fresh for longer with some DIY products! Save this....

Get some scent booster from the store, an empty spray bottle and water.

Put a few granules of Gain into the empty spray bottle and then add a little lukewarm water

Shake it up, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then spray it away...and unlike FEBREZE...the scent lasts longer and your home smells fresh.