How to clean Off furniture

How do you take care of fermented wood furniture?
Oh, a beautiful painted wood cabinet! You see and admire each other... as long as you stay shining! And when that's not the case, we unwrap the microfiber cloth to start with a good dusting. Then clean with a sponge dampened with soapy water and a few drops of white vinegar. We make sure to wipe down the wood well afterwards with a rag.

Additional advice:

On very dirty furniture, the efficiency is improved with ammonia (used with observance of precautions for use) or turpentine. As for traces of fat, it can be removed with a lighter fluid.

How to clean waxed wood furniture?
Interesting information to know: To properly maintain waxed wood, twice a year apply a non-silicone wax. And yes! Nothing hard to find because beeswax does the job perfectly! But first (and other interesting information!), the furniture should be stripped: in the long run, the buildup of layers of wax clogs it.

To remove all this, we use a cloth dampened with ammonia (always be careful when using it) or turpentine. We can then master white vinegar dewaxing, making the wood shine even more!

Just last, apply the new wax with a soft cloth, following the direction of the wood. And if the stain proves to be rebellious, we can use great means: a lighter liquid, but really as a last resort!

How do you take care of painted wooden furniture?
It doesn't get easier than caring for painted wood! Simply use a sponge dampened with soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth. And jump! If the wood is very dirty, it can also be washed with a mixture of soapy water and ammonia (never forget to use it according to the directions for use). The only rule to respect is to always make sure to grab the sponge before cleaning the furniture. Finally, just pass a soft cloth dampened with a few drops of linseed oil... Wow, it shines!

How can painted wooden furniture be preserved?
Polished wood is beautiful and more luxurious. And to clean this noble wood, you need ... noble products: chamois leather or a silk cloth, just that! But then, what shines! You can also add a little white vinegar and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Note: If painted wood is more valuable, it is easy to clean: Stains generally disappear easily! one in the other...

Additional advice:

For stubborn stains, make a homemade stain remover by mixing linseed oil and turpentine in equal parts, then adding flour. A paste that works miracles!

How do you keep raw wood furniture in good condition?
Unlike polished wood! Raw wood is original, but its maintenance is more complicated. Reason ? It spots in no time! So we're considering isolating it with specific products to protect it.

In the event of a spot:

We pass a water brush dampened with black soap.

Another effective method: Using sandpaper, gently sand in the direction of the wood.

And as a last resort, again: a lighter fluid...

Practical advice that will extend the life of your furniture and keep the wood intact! Do you have any other tips for maintaining your wood furniture? Feel free to share it in the comments!