* Ingrediients :

°1 lb mince meat
°1 egg
°1/3 c rusk
°1/2 tsp. black-pepper
°1 tsp-salt
°1/2 tsp onion-powder
°1 clove mince garlic
°1 tsp. Worcestershire-sauce
°1 tbsp oil
°1 1/2 c finely chop onion
°2 tbsp  flour
°1 c beef broth
°1/2 tsp salt

* How to make it :

In  bowl, mix ground beef, eggs, bread crumbs, pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic, & Worcestershire-sauce. Form to thick pancakes.
Heat oil in skillet on heat. Frying pancake & onions in oil to pancake are well brown.
Sprinkle flour on onion also broth in skillet. Stirring in the flour with a fork, scrap bits of beef from bottom while stir. mixing in meat broth. Seasoning wiith season salt.
Simmer, stir, on heat for 5 min , to broth thick.Reduce heat, returning pancakes to broth, covering also simmer for other 15 min . Serve with  bowl of mash potatoes.

Enjoy !