This stir-fried cabbage with bacon and onions is salty, sweet, buttery, savory and delicious!

* Ingredients :

°4 thick bacon, diced
°3 tablespoons butter
°1 onion cut into cubes
°6 garlic cloves, cut into cubes
°1 head of cabbage, cut into cubes
°1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt

* Instructions :

Cutting bacon to thick pieces, frying to crispy. We raise it to the pot & let it apart.
Heat butter in  skillet on medium-high heat to it melt & becomes foamy.
Adding chop onion to skillet, & cooking to soft & translucent, for 4 minutes. Stirring to avoid sticking .
Adding garlic to skillet also cooking about 3 min, to fragrant & soft.
Add the cabbage to the skillet and stir well until well coated with the butter.
Generously season with salt.
Leave the cabbage cut in half, for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally while cooking to avoid burning, and let it cook evenly. Add bacon to the skillet.
When the cabbage loses a lot of its mass and begins to turn glossy, slightly translucent, and has nice golden chunks, it is ready to serve.
Use immediately.

Enjoy !