Here is The GREAT Common Home Remedies for Toothache



Gingivitis, toothache and other dental pain make life hard for us. Fortunately, natural solutions exist. Bicarbonate, clove, garlic, vinegar, essential oil of Tea Tree... Tour of the most effective natural remedies to alleviate a toothache and the precautions to take.


Bicarbonate is an antacid and antiseptic substance which is effective during gingivitis and when there is too much acidity in the mouth. It therefore helps to bring the pH back to a more balanced level. It has no direct analgesic effects on dental pain but will be anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Use of baking soda in health: teeth, digestion, skin...

in cleaning products and food but also in medicine to treat various benign pathologies.   Sodium bicarbonate is available as a soluble white powder.


Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic. Garlic essential oil is not recommended due to its strong smell. On the other hand, "it can be used as a preventive measure in your daily diet to prevent oral problems". Locally, however, it is not very useful.


 Garlic is a healthy superfood, good for the heart, against skin infections... Tour of its health benefits, its nutritional composition and its counter- directions.


Apple cider vinegar: benefits, use, can you drink it?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for hair, colon cleansing, reducing gout symptoms and acne pimples. What are its other benefits? Is it dangerous to drink it every day? What are its contraindications?