Homemade Pancakes

Check out this quick pancake recipe to make. A very simple classic recipe that, thanks to the amount of eggs in it, does not require any rest from the dough. It was Britton's friend who gave me her secrets. Anyway at home, these pancakes don't last very long.

* Ingredients :

°flour 250 gm
°eggs 4
°Half a liter of milk
°salt 1 pinch
°2 tablespoons sugar
°melted butter 50 gm

* Methods:

Putting flour in bowl with salt & sugar.
Making  hole in middle & pour in eggs.
Begin by blend gently. While mix becomes thick, adding cold milk some by little.
When all the milk is mixed, the dough should be somewhat runny. If it seems too thick, add a little more milk. & adding cool melt butter & blend well.
Baking pancakes in hot skillet  Pour small ladle dough to pan, & roll to distribute dough on entire surface. Putting it on stove & while crepe turns bright red, it's time to flip it on.
Cooking for a min on this side & pie is ready.
to end
Repeat until all of the dough is used up.